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Every age people lips get dry because of humidity. Lip is a susceptible area in our body. To keep balance our body humidity we must drink lots of water as well as there is nothing alternative of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Gents and ladies must use petroleum jelly and coconut oil to avoid lips crack. Some specialist advised that long time lips crack the leading causes of lips spot. Ladies must clean lips properly after applying lipstick. Let’s discuss some dry lips care.

Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Sugar & Coconut Oil

Mix sugar and coconut oil then apply this on your lips. but be careful don’t use this mix in crack lips


Always use branded and quality lipstick so that it will work as a dry resistance on your lips. you must check lipstick ingredients it must contain some vitamins and oil which is beneficial for lips.


Toothpaste also works well for dry lips care. So check your toothpaste and change it now because white toothpaste is right for lips.

Soup & Face Wash

Be careful about soup and face wash they contain some chemicals which is a foe for the lips. so don’t apply any soup and face wash on your lips.

Olive Oil

Olive oil could be the best solution for your lips. It contains some vitamins and mineral elements. So try to apply olive oil every day on your lips when you go to sleep.


Take some milk cream and butter then apply this mix on your lips. Butter keeps our skin soft for a long time, and milk cream removes dung from the lips as well as remove the dry cell. So try to keep this mixture whole night on your lips.

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Soft Lips Care Tips

We know lips skin is very soft than other parts of our body skin. That is why lips hurt too much. Let’s discuss some soft and dry lips care.

Honey & Lemon

  • Take some lemon sap and honey then mix it properly and apply this mixture on the lips for 1 hour. Now remove it with a soft wet tissue. It is good to use this mixture daily on the lips. please apply this mixture two times a day.
  • Take half spoon honey and one spoon olive oil then mix it properly. Apply this on your before going to bed.

Papaya & Milk

Take a ripe papaya and some milk then apply this mixture for 15 minutes on lips. Wash it gently with cold water. Please follow this step two times in a week. This papaya and milk is such a useful mixture and works well as dry lips care.

Olive Oil

Take one spoon olive oil and one spoon sugar then make a perfect scrub. Time to rub it on your lips every day for 10 minutes.

Then wash it with cold water and apply lip balm. It will keep your lips soft as well as it will maintain a natural pink colour on your lips.

How to Remove Black Spot From Lips

  • Try to use glycerin on lips before going to bed so gradually it will reduce black spot from lips as well as it will keep moist lips.
  • Cucumber is one of the essential vegetables we use it differently. So here it will work too. Try to apply cucumber sap on the lips. Day by day, you will not see any black spot on your lip.

Pro Tips

  • Always try to use lip balm and aloe vera petroleum jelly. Here sun protector lip balm is essential when going outside.
  • Women always try to apply lipstick so if the lipstick is the primary choice you could use moisturizer lipstick
  • There is nothing alternative of water so always drinks much water. Our lips cracked because of moist.
  • Never moisten your lip with your tongue because it is harmful to your lips.
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