Healthy Water Drinks

We know that another name of water is life. Detox water is good for our health. Usually, healthy water drinks are prepared from a different kind of fruit and vegetable as well as also prepared from some types of medicine elements, which is good for our health. On the other hand, detox water is made from ginger, lemon, cucumber, watermelon, strawberry, apple, orange, mint leaf, cardamom, cinnamon, and bay leaves. So let’s reveal some healthy water drinks which are also known as detox water.

Water Drinking Habits

Drinking lots of water is one of the best practices. Most people cannot drink lots of water at a time, so they try to drink different kinds of carbonated drinks instead of water. It has the wrong side; they take lots of calories with this carbonated water. On the other hand, lots of calories bad for our health if we don’t burn that calorie.

So try to drink detox water instead of carbonated drinks. It will keep your health charm, fresh, and strong. If you stay healthy, your skin and hair water is essential for your body. Some specialist advised that always take 1 glass healthy water drinks before 1 hour takes your food. It will help to digest your food in a proper way as well as your food having quantity. So gradually, you could control your weight. You could drink detox water instead of regular water.

Besides this, physical exercise is essential in our daily life. Fresh air and perfect food habit is the best element for living a good life. Some specialist says that half-litre detox water increases our body metabolism 30% in a moment. That mean detox water burns our calorie. It keeps balance water, salt, and PH level in our bodies. It increases our digestion and reduces constipation. so there are no alternative of healthy water drinks in our life.

Here is another bonus guideline for you read some common mistakes during beauty practice and be careful about your skincare treatment.

How to Prepare different Healthy Water Drinks:

Detox water prepared from fenugreek:

Take some fenugreek and dry them under the direct sunlight. You can dry it differently, but direct sunlight is good. Keep it into glass jar after dry. Every day take one glass boiled water then mix one spoon fenugreek before going to sleep. When you wake up, drink this water without fenugreek.

Detox water prepared from Dates

Take 1-litre water then put 7/8 Dates into that water. Now keep it at least 8 hours, then drip the water and drink it. You can drink it before going outside, or you can take it with you when you go out. If you don’t have Dates, you can use Raisins instead of Dates. So it will be different keep 25 Raisins in 1 glass water or 10 Raisins for 250ml water. You could drink this water the whole day you will not feel tired.

Detox water prepared from Cucumber and Ginger

You can keep this different water when you go out of your home. Take 1-litre water then mix some smashed ginger into it. You can use minced ginger too. Mint leaf 7/9, smashed cucumber without seed and skin (1 teaspoon), then take lemon skin mince (1 teaspoon) mix all of these and keep it for 1 hour. Then you can drink this water for the whole day.

Here you will find some benefits and myths of detox water which will help you to learn more about healthy water drinks.

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