Orange Peel For Skin

We only eat the orange, but we don’t know we can use orange peel for skin care. Orange is a natural skincare fruit. So if you want to do this, don’t through orange skin into the bin. If you’re going to throughout orange seeds, no problem, but you need an orange shell to take care of your skin.

Orange peel contains numerous amount of vitamin A, C, E, some natural elements as well as it has some essential oil which works natural oil on our skin.

Orange shell works to increase skin brightness and reduce acne and wrinkle lines from the skin. But some specialists advised that we must use it correctly; otherwise, it will go wrong. So it has some adequate guidelines to use an orange peel on our skin.

How to dry orange peel?

How To Dry Orange Peel

Separate orange peel from the orange by using a grater. Now keep it on the paper for 2 to 3 days at room temperature. Now keep stirring every 7 hours later.

Last day put it under direct sunlight for 15 minutes. Now keep them into a glass jar and preserve it for the whole year.

So if you don’t know the proper preservation method, it will lose its efficacy. And it will bring harmful effects on our skin.

6 Orange Peel for skin care Tips

Let’s know how to use orange peel for skin care and how the skincare specialist advised about orange skin benefits. Never make any mistake during beauty practice, always follow beautician advice.

1. Orange peel for acne

If you are suffering from acne problems, take one teaspoon orange peel, one teaspoon mint leaves sap, mix it with one teaspoon conch powder and use it on your face for seven days. Gradually it will remove your acne, and you will free form it.

2. orange skin for wrinkle line

To remove wrinkle lines from the skin, take one teaspoon orange shell paste and one teaspoon orange juice then make another paste.

Now add two or three wood nuts and apply them every day on your skin. You will free from the wrinkle line.

3. orange skin for freckles

If you have freckles take one teaspoon orange shell and three teaspoons potato sap and wait for 15 minutes, then make a paste with the white portion of egg and one spoon orange juice. If you have little freckles, use it every day.

4. Orange peel for the face mask

Are you going outside every day? This homemade is essential for you. Take one teaspoon orange peel and take one teaspoon orange juice then make a paste. Now add one teaspoon ripen banana with them.

Now add three drops glycerin. It is time to apply this perfect homemade pack on your skin; it will remove the black spot and increase your screen glow.

If you want, you can use this pack every day at your home; it is easy to prepare. So always try to use orange peel for skin care in effective way.

5. Orange peel to remove blackheads

Now its time to remove blackheads from our face. Take one spoon fresh orange peel to paste not preserved and add one spoon honey to make a perfect package with them.

Apply directly on your blackheads. When it gets dry, take off the pack. Use it continuously for at least one week.

6. Use orange peel as an aroma toner

Take a stainless steel jar and put half-liter mineral water now take six orange peels and put them in the pot. Now worm it on a stove for a while.

When it turns into orange color, and thick keep it down. Now, wait until turn it into room temperature. Now preserve them into the glass bottle. You can carry this mix with you when you go out.

If you feel tired, wash your face and apply a little bit on your face. You can preserve it by making an ice cube in the refrigerator for the whole year.


We must wash our faces every day seven times. So it will keep clean our face and skin from dust. And try to use natural elements on your face skin because the face is very sensitive skin.
If it is possible, take a skincare specialist advice every month. Never use any chemical on your skin. Try to use natural face packs like use orange peel for skin care and face mask.

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